Working with Me Exceed industry standards and prepare for an effortless shoot. I take the greatest care with each project from beginning to end, and strive to deliver the highest quality images always. That said even with my planning or experience, every project can benefit from well informed parties on both sides. Below I have compiled some documents and links that can help if you are preparing to hire a photographer and some of the industry standards you can expect from me. Thanks, Chris My PDF Brochure Brochure pdf If you didn't catch it on the Info page this document describes everything from my mission to capabilities to references to a shoot preparation list. Professional Photographers (What to Expect in Hiring) ASMP - American Society of Media Photographers - I'm a Member. - This link specifically has great resources for the potential hirer. Working with an Assignment Photographer - pdf Architectural Photography Working with an Architectural Photographer Commissioning Architectural Photography - ASMP and AIA - pdf Understanding the Estimate for a Photographic Assignment - pdf Photography of Art (aka Cultural Heritage) ->specifically: Fine Art Reproduction - What Musuems Need Also from UPDIG: Image Receivers Guidelines PDF or HTML - I participate in the Imagemuse forum group. Independent Artists While many of the above resources are appropriate for individual artists, I am working on an artist specific page and resources. If you have any suggestions please contact me. Workflow and Digital Standards (Technical) - Probably the single most indepth photo industry standards resource. IPTC Metadata Manifesto - short document that at least sets out basic usefulness and goals for image metadata. - all images that I deliver contain metadata I have added. This ranges from keywords, my info, copyright, and an embedded use license. - Check back again as these resources will be added to and updated. Please email me if a link does not work (sometimes the links move). Last Updated: back to Info